Adrian's meditation and mindfulness techniques are very effective if your goal is
to become the better version of yourself. 

Since I started practising the mindfulness techniques that Adrian taught, I realised there is plenty
of space in our mind that are otherwise occupied with random thoughts. 

The techniques would definitely help one become more mindful and conscious even while performing
their day to day activities. It is like you start doing everything with a purpose! 

I strongly recommend Adrian if you are looking to develop your inner self.


Adrian is a dynamic expert and educator in the field of
Meditation Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

Adrian has a multitude of different techniques that he has taught me that
have made a positive changeto my life. These include the ability to have
a clear mind, focus and remove negative thoughts.


I strongly recommendAdrian's MMSI course if you want to

nail your daily habits to achieve your dreams.


Adrian teaches powerful meditation techniques that can be easily implemented amongst the

responsibilities and challenges we all face today.

These techniques can help anyone substantially improve their concentration and emotional

intelligence, which can extend to better personal and professional relationships

and enhanced work-related productivity.

Another key benefit of these techniques is stress reduction, which can help
to prevent and remedy psychological and physiological diseases and greatly enhance
one’s sense of well-being.


I recommend Adrian’s courses highly.


Adrian is a fantastic Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. I have always been impressed with the depth of his knowledge, not only when it comes to mindfulness and meditation but also life coaching. He has changed the lives of many people that I know and he continues to be a positive force for good in the Mindfulness field.

                                                     CAMERON MANDLANI

We were fortunate to have Adrian lead a session on Mindfulness at

one of our Lunch’n’Learns. I was amazed at the benefit that I, and others, received from

the relaxation, breathing and concentration exercises that Adrian led us through.


I can happily report some immediate physical and mental benefits following the session

and would recommend a Mindfulness program for any corporate event.    


I have had an ongoing health issue that I have not been able to shift. Being a yoga teacher,
I knew that I needed to tap into the power of the mind to help heal my body. Adrian designed a specific
meditation practice using a variety of techniques to help with my health issue which I now practice daily.
Although I am not back  to 100% health yet I am already starting to see a change in the way I feel, both mentally & physically.
Thank you Adrian.


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