Taking Responsibility

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Many people go through life blaming others for their circumstances. They believe that it is not their fault for where they are. Actually, everything that you are now and everything that has happening in your life is a result of the choices you have made. You might think that you were not in control of these choices, but the reality is that everything which has materialised in your world has been made by your choices, be it consciously or unconsciously.

“I Adrian Spear, absolutely know that where I am today is a direct result of all the thoughts actions and reactions I have made in the past. All my positive and negative results directly reflect the choices I have made and I can blame no one for my ups and downs. People have had a positive and also negative influence over me from time to time but I am responsible for my choices, actions, responses and my life”

Now you might find that difficult to believe. You might say “I didn’t choose to be sick, I didn’t choose the car accident” and yes luck does play its part in our lives too but who, what and where we are, is our own doing.

You are actually the product of all the choices and all the thoughts that you have made through your entire life. Yes, many folks are always looking to blame others for their situation. They blame their parents, their children, their teachers, their boss, their neighbours, their husband, their wife their ex partners or event their doctor. Well they didn’t do it to you, you allowed it to happen, or you chose to respond in the way that you did. What is important now, is how you choose to respond to your present situations. Do you whine and pity yourself or do you take responsibility for your life? It’s yours, you own it, so take control of it and stop blaming others for who, where and what you are.

So, do not go running around telling everybody how bad you have it. Get on with your life instead. If you don’t like an aspect of your life then change it, and a happier individual you will be.

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