Lockdown Solutions for Individuals

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Are you struggling with working from home in lockdown?

Is home schooling stressing you out?

Are you feeling isolated and overworked?

Do you want calmness whilst working from home?

Do you want carefree home schooling?

Do you want to feel at peace and invigorated in your home office?

My 4-step program helps you to move past this feeling of being overwhelmed and gets you on a path to effectively manage stress and improve productivity and resilience.

I have helped to transform many clients and companies, to effectively manage stress and improve productivity and resilience.

In response to the added stress that the COVID-19 situation brings to many of us, I have created a new 4-session Stress Management and Wellbeing Programme. I’d like to share with you here, information on the benefits and details of what will be taught and covered.

Benefits for You

  • Better health - and who doesn’t want that? Overall, you can expect to benefit from improved health, a stronger immune system, and an ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. I’ll help you achieve this, through exercise and eating plans, limiting the intake of stimulants and the management of sleep.

  • Limit and filter out negativity. I’ll provide you with techniques to limit negative bombardment and ways to create positivity, enjoyment, and laughter.

  • Become a better listener. Your communication skills will be enhanced, through active listening methodology.

  • Gain back your own time at home. You will gain more time for family and be ready for work, through improved prioritization of your tasks

  • Gain back your own time at work. You will be able to free up time for creativity and learn the art of delegation where possible

  • You’ll become more productive. Using time management principles, you will become more productive and be able to prioritize work and home activities more efficiently.

  • Workplace conversations will become more meaningful. You will learn to iron out concerns more effectively, by having regular meaningful conversations with your manager/employer.

  • All participants will receive information on how to communicate assertively, reducing feelings of stress and resentment in self and others.

  • Overall, you will be taught focusing, relaxation and meditation techniques enabling you to remain calm and in control in a variety of testing environments.

  • 100% money back guarantee (if you truly follow the process and practice the techniques and they do not work for you)

The Programme - Overview

  • Programme is delivered personally, one on one, currently running over Zoom.

  • One session fortnightly over eight weeks.

  • Each session is 60 minutes.

  • Your sessions are adapted to suit your individual concerns and needs.

  • Your information is kept confidential

  • Electronic handout is provided at the end of each lesson

  • I will check in with you in non-session weeks, to check in on your progress.

  • As your program facilitator, I am personally contactable for questions during complete program duration.

The Investment in yourself requires only a commitment of 4 fortnightly sessions plus daily practice over 8 weeks - $400 total for the complete program


I have engaged Adrian Spear in my business as part of team building and coaching sessions and found his knowledge of mind and stress management provided our staff with the tools on how to live a balanced lifestyle and on how to achieve better focus. Highly recommend.

George Kapos,

McGrath Estate Agents, Bankstown.

Availability is limited and the program commences as soon as you can join. If you are encouraged now, to spend time and to invest in yourself, your wellbeing, and your peace of mind, please call or email:

0405 391 110



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