Student cures herself of diabetes

As you already know from my talks and posts that I am a strong believer in the mind being able to heal the body. It has been scientifically proven that our thoughts effect the body biochemically. Our constant negative reactions to the stressors of life create illness within our bodies. Reacting to the stressors of life switches on the sympathetic nervous system. It places the body and mind in alert mode, ready to fight or run away. Now for a short time this is good. It may save you from danger, save your life, save the life of another but to be constantly in this state is detriment to the body and mind. Some things that happen in this state are an increase of the blood pressure, quickening of the pulse and the increase of blood sugar. The onset of adult diabetes is often times stress related.

I have had a student named Sam (name changed) in my Kogarah Drop-In class for about 6 months. Sam is there every week. When she first started coming she was a wreck. Her negative reaction to her fast-paced job and the constant turmoil of her colleagues had made her ill. Sam was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a while before she started my classes. All her life she had been as fit as a fiddle but now she was mess. Why me? She asked.

Sam started practicing the techniques and following the instructions that I gave her and the rest of the class. Sam was meditating every morning for 30 minutes, never missing a session. Last Friday Sam gave the class the news that her type 2 diabetes has now miraculously disappeared and she no longer requires any medication. Sam has gained control over her thoughts. She no longer reacts negatively to her environment, turning on the parasympathetic nervous system, keeping the body and mind in a calm and relaxed state. In doing so reducing the blood sugar levels and healing herself of this ailment.

This is the power of the mind at work. This is increasing the gap between a stimulus and a response. This is choosing to respond in positive ways. This is accepting what is.

If you are having trouble with illness then start working on the mind. Thought is so powerful and you can use it to change many things in your life, including your health.

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