How to Use Positive Affirmations

Updated: Jan 1

Positive affirmations are a great tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind from negative thinking to positive thinking. The idea is to take positive statements of what you would like to manifest and repeat these enough times so that it becomes Impregnated into your subconscious mind. Positive affirmations work the same way that negative self-talk does but in a way that will benefit you.

Some tips for writing positive affirmations

Look at your intentions. Think about what you are trying to create in your life, this means look at the end product and the behaviors, the attitudes, and the traits you would like to see yourself develop.

I like to start with a strengths and weakness check list. Write on the list all your physical and psychological attributes and habits. Some attributes/habits may belong in both lists. On the list, write what you like and dislike about yourself. Think about what you would like to improve, what you would like to create. Write down everything you can think of, regardless of how silly you think they are, just write it down. Take as much time to complete this list. Revisit this list the next day and the next day and add to the list for a whole week.

Now construct your affirmations:

1. Affirmations must be start with the word “I”.

2. Affirmations must be written has if they have already happened or materialised even if they have not.

3. Affirmations must be written in the positive sense. For example: Do not write “I don’t want to drink coffee anymore”. Instead write “I choose to be caffeine free in my life”.

4. Now look at your weaknesses and write them into positives. For example, “I am tense, anxious and stressed” to “I am relaxed and calm in all situations” or “I am a poor reader” to “I am a confident reader”.

5. If you have a strength which you would like to enhance then add it to your affirmations.

6. Affirmations can and should be modified as you progress throughout your training and throughout your life.

7. Type them into your phone so you have them with you always.

8. Say them out loud

9. Say them in front of the mirror looking yourself in the eye.

10. Read these mind implants as many times a day until you can say them to yourself without looking at them. But if you need a number, then read them 9 times daily.

11. Your affirmations do not have to be as long as mine, but I think you get the drift with the process. See my affirmations below.

Please use my own affirmation as an example on how to write your own affirmation:

I am a positive, quick thinking, intelligent, focused, goal directed individual with perfect time management skills. I am well educated, an excellent reader with magnificent concentration. My thoughts, speech and actions are only of a wholesome nature. I speak ill of no man and speak all the good I know in everybody. I always tell the truth and purify my mind daily through meditation and Qigong.

I am a successful coach and counselor and help 16 clients weekly. I attract abundance and success into my life. I want better for others than a one for myself. I turn every problem into an opportunity.

I spend half an hour a day learning and furthering my education on the positive, the pure and the powerful. I read my affirmations 3 times in the morning and evening.

I earn $6,400 a month from my business which looks after the needs of my loved ones & myself. I have built our new home in Wombarra.

I treat my million-dollar body with respect. I eat healthy wholesome foods, drink purified water, and get adequate sleep. My muscles, joints, ligaments, and spine are strong, flexible, relaxed without tension or pain. My internal organs are at ease and in harmony with each other. I have an endless supply of energy which I use to enjoy my life to the full. I spend at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week engaging in physical activity. I enjoy my surfing, rock climbing, biking, and skateboarding.

I am a kind loving father to Easton and Jeremy. I spend quality time with my sons on a very regular basis and tell them that I love them.

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