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A little while ago I found myself very stagnant. I was doing the same thing day after day and expecting different results. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. I started to research about how I can train my mind to get ahead in life. After many books, hours of YouTube videos, online courses, and self-examination through meditation I came up with a plan of action. I would like to share this with you in case you to want to get ahead in life too.

The first thing we should do is define our values and our beliefs. We need to know what makes us tick. Then we need to look at our weaknesses, our negatives and then know what needs to be changed. We also need to look at what we do good, our positives and our strengths. Once we know what we’re terrible at and what we are good at then we can go about constructing SMART goals. Some people cause themselves so much stress because they create goals which are so far out of reach that it is counterproductive in their attainment of those goals. The goal really needs to be a stretch and not so far that you fall behind which in turn causes you anguish and despair. Another problem with making goals is that we make too many of them. We really need three areas only.

  1. Our business or career,

  2. Our family or relationships,

  3. Our personal Growth, mental and physical fitness.

You probably should have no more than four goals in each area. These have to be short term and also long-term goals. Then the idea is to keep these goals in front of you, viewing them every day. So every morning after waking read your goals once through.

To bring the goals from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind you can use affirmations. These verbal affirmations transfer what you’re saying out load into your subconscious mind. There really is a science behind affirmations. Evidence base research shows that affirmations rewire the brain on a cellular level. You reorganize your neuron clusters forming new thought patterns. This can be seen using an MRI. The mind really doesn't know the difference between what is real or what is fantasy. Therefore, when we use affirmations it can make such a big impact.

Affirmations have the ability to reprogram your mind into believing a specific stated concept. Through repetition affirmations can reinforce an intention so deeply that it moves what you're saying into your subconscious mind creating these new neural pathways within your brain. You can create an unwavering positive mindset. You also find when you use an affirmations, like for example, “I always tell the truth.” And you don't actually tell the truth one time, the next time you say that affirmation your subconscious mind tells you, “No you didn’t. You told a lie yesterday.” So as you can see affirmations will keep you on the straight and narrow and keep you focused on your intentions and your goals.

To take this to a whole new level you can use creative positive visualization, also called positive mental rehearsal. This is where you sit daily and you see yourself already having the goal and feeling the feelings of obtaining that goal. I would like to tell you about a study that was done a number of years ago in a university in the USA. Now I remember reading about it but I cannot remember the author or the University, but I’ll share with you here and now. The Study organized 90 students. These 90 students were placed in three groups of 30. The study was to see if mental rehearsal can affect the body. All the students tested their index finger by pulling against the machine.

This was all recorded and then the first group of 30 was asked to do a specific exercise which would strengthen the finger. The control group were asked to do absolutely nothing. And the last group were asked to visualize themselves doing the exercise but not actually physically doing it. They were asked to do the activities for 10 mins daily. They brought the students back after 30 days of practice and tested their index finger strength. The results were quite remarkable. The first group who physically did the exercise had a 34% increase in strength of the index finger. The second group, the control group, had no increase in finger strength. But remarkably, the third group who only visualized themselves doing the exercise had an average increase in strength of 22%. So, what this says is that by visualizing ourselves doing something on a regular basis we can influence the body. This is why professionals in the sports arena, for example, use creative visualization before they go out to play. This type of thing will work in your play, in your relationships, in your new business, and with your health.

If you want to change your life for the better, you need to start with the basics. Start the process by:

- Examining your values and your beliefs,

- Look at your strengths and weaknesses,

- Build SMART goals,

- Verbally reinforced your goals with affirmations,

- And visually reinforce them with positive mental rehearsal.

Now do you really have to do things like this? No, you can be mediocre without it. You can be sick without it. You can be moving from one failure to the next without it. You can be unhappy without it. But if you truly want to get ahead in a healthy, wealthy, and happy way then investigate these techniques further. Check out the related post about affirmations below. Also check out the self-improvement page on this website and the 4 lesson Self-Improvement programme.

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