4 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course 

Starts 13th October at 7.15pm

$AUD 99 

At San Souci 

This course is designed to remove your negative reactions to the stressors of life, increase the distance between stimulus and your response and help to stabilise your emotions.

You will also
become more grounded
• Following your intuition
• Heighten your awareness
• Increase  concentration & productivity
• Increase feelings of contentment, & calmness
• Improve your mental clarity
• Improve communication with others

The techniques and topics that Adrian teaches have been scientifically proven, and/or verified through hundreds of hours of practice and student feedback.

In this course you will receive:
- 60-minute lessons for 4 consecutive weeks
- 13 different mind management, meditation & self-improvement techniques.
-12 different topics on Neuroscience, Mental Health, Emotional Stability & Success.
- A detailed Handout emailed to students at the end of each lesson
- Unlimited access to Adrian via phone, text, social media or email throughout the course duration

Corporate Workshops. Build the Team

Build the Mindset of the Team

$AUD 500 ph

Starting from 2 hour

Bring the techniques of mindfulness and meditation into the office with amazing results.

Participants will profit from:

- Stress Management techniques

- Better concentration & productivity.

- Improved meetings outcomes through mindful listening techniques.

- Improvement in sound decision making.

- Manage reactions to the stressors of business life.

- Understanding of participant values & beliefs

- Setting of personal & business goals.

- Reinforcement of goals through affirmations

Remember to always think of your company's main concerns so that sessions can be specifically designed to suit. 


adrian@apspear.com 0405 391 110

Meditation, Stress Management, Self-Awareness, Coaching

1 on 1 sessions

$AUD 100

1 hour Session

If your goal is to: 

  • Become a happier more grounded individual

  • Following your intuition

  • Create the destiny you desire

  • Heighten your awareness

  • Increase concentration & productivity

  • Increase contentment, calmness & peacefulness

  • Improve mental clarity

  • improve communication

  • Psychologically influence your health

  • Reduce your negative reactions to the stressors of life

  • Stabilise your emotions


adrian@apspear.com 0405 391 110

8 Lesson
 Meditation Audio Series

Train the Mind at Home

$USD 22.99 


This 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation and Self-Improvement Audio Series has been designed to guide students on an inner journey.

Like all Adrian's teaching it is by no means an easy path. It will take great commitment on the students part but the benefits are extremely rewarding.

You will learn 14 different mindfulness techniques and about negative limiting beliefs and behaviors which hold you back from a happy prosperous productive life. 

This program is also available on Amazon & iTunes. 


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