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Often at times in life we can lose our feelings of happiness. We feel as if things aren’t going the way they should. It seems like we have lost our way and we lack meaning or purpose. Events and situations happen to us which can affect us psychologically but also physically. These occurrences may go way back to our childhood, or can be more recent. Nevertheless we may find it difficult to function with a vibrant joyous attitude. Sometimes we may look for relief in substances or relationships that do not serve us.

Through occurrences in the past we may create an anxious, fearful or depressed environment in our minds. This then effects the physical self in detrimental ways and also our relationships with others. The list of causes is many:  

- anger,

- addictions,

- frustration,

- loss,

- grief,

- stress,

- traumatic events,

- abuse,

- toxic environments,

- not feeling loved or understood,

but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, always a way to move forward.

Many folks go through life knowing that something is a miss but will straighten up saying “I’m OK, I do not need help.” Many feel that it is a sign of weakness to seek help but it is actually a sign of strength to do so. It shows that you value your life and are brave enough to take the first step.

Adrian Spear is an empathetic, understanding counsellor who truly wants to help individuals and couples get back on the road to happiness. His services are confidential, professional, and empowering. Adrian uses several styles of counselling including Cognitive Behavioural, Solutions Focused Therapies as well as stress and anger management and mindfulness techniques. He believes in looking into the past to understand the concerns then focuses on the present to build a brighter future for all his clients. Real solutions for real people. 

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Sessions are 60 minutes in duration 

Session cost: $100

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