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Mindfulness & Counselling

Mission Statement
To help people become a better version of themselves

Who is this service for?

Individuals, couples and teams in the private and business sectors. People with poor focus, erratic emotions, an inability to make decisions or plan for the future, fear, anger, judgement, depression, anxiety or stress. 

What outcomes can one expect from this service?

Increased productivity, better concentration, improved communication, clear decision making and planning skills. Strengthened physical health due to improved coping mechanisms. Ability to remain composed whilst managing a variety of stressors. Feelings of contentment, peacefulness, happiness, self-worth and purpose. 

What are the solutions this service provides?

A range of mindfulness, meditation, concentration, breath, relaxation and psychological techniques are used that genuinely work. This is achieved through one on one or relationship counselling, small and larger groups, workshops, team bonding sessions and courses.




Adrian Spear


In 2006 I was flat broke, depressed, psychological and physically destroyed after I poured 10 years
of my life into building a business in Germany which fell to pieces and my marriage ended.
Once back in Australia a good friend suggest I go and do a long meditation course, which I did, and ever
since then I have been meditating daily and studying the workings of the mind.

What I teach works. Most of the techniques and topics in my workshops, courses and one on one sessions have been scientifically verified, or proven to work through thousands of hours of self examination or student feedback.
With our reactions to the ever increasing stressors of life, mindfulness and emotional intelligence
training is a must for all who live in this fast-paced world. This type of training not only benefits the
individuals, but their partners, and the organisations who employ them. Being a qualified counsellor allows me to

incorporate mindfulness practices into helping my clients.




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