Coaching & Counselling

Mission Statement
To help people regain control over their emotions and stress levels 

Who is this service for?

Individuals dealing with anger to an extent that they cannot communicate effectively. Couples that are continually arguing. Folks that loose it in this Sydney traffic. People that are so frustrated that they cannot think clearly. Those so chronically stressed that it is affecting their health. NDIS self-managed and plan-managed participants welcome.

What outcomes can one expect from this service?

Have techniques on hand to halt anger before it takes hold. Improved communication. Clear decision making and planning skills. Strengthened physical health due to improved coping mechanisms. Ability to remain composed whilst managing a variety of stressors. Enhanced time management skills. 

What are the solutions this service provides?

A range of mindfulness, meditation, concentration, breath, relaxation and cognitive behavioural techniques are used that genuinely work. These solutions are 100% guaranteed when you put in the effort.



About Adrian


Adrian Spear has been on a continuous learning curve about the power of the mind and how it influences the body, relationships and life for about 15 years. He has learnt from many masters and experts in various areas. These areas included psychology, mindfulness, relaxation, focusing and meditation techniques, emotion control and behaviours, neuroscience, and

quantum physics.   

Adrian believes that 90% of folks live at levels way below their capabilities. Through training the mind one can gain control over the body, over the emotions, over the external stressors and enhance productivity, performance, relationships, contentment, calmness and ultimately happiness.

Adrian uses a range of mindfulness and psychological techniques and practices to treat the various challenging stages in life that we find ourselves in. Everything is mind made.


Tough times call for stronger mental strength. You have the power within. Let us unlock your potential.



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