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Struggling With Your Anger?
Have you ever been so frustrated that you become angry? Well, I teach clients through a 4-Lesson program how to manage their frustration before it gets out of hand.

Are you Feeling Stressed Out?

Have you ever been so under the pump that you feel mentally and physically exhausted? Well, I teach clients through a 4-Lesson program to organise and prioritise their time and teach techniques to relax and strengthen their mind and body.

Are You Stuck in a Rut?

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in a rut? Well, I teach clients through a 4-Lesson program through re-programming their minds to build the future they truly deserve.


About Adrian


I have been on a continuous learning curve about the power of the mind and how it influences the body, relationships and life for about 15 years. I have learnt from many masters and experts in various areas. These areas include psychology, mindfulness, relaxation, focusing and meditation techniques, emotion control, behaviours, neuroscience, and

quantum physics.   

I believe that 90% of folks live at levels way below their capabilities. Through training the mind one can gain control over the body, over the emotions, over the external stressors and enhance productivity, performance, relationships, contentment, calmness and ultimately happiness. 

I specialises in Anger & Stress Management and helps folks get out of their rut and create the future they truly want. 

 Everything is mind made.


Anger Less, Find your Calm-ness
Reduce the Stress, and Progress towards Success
​Sick of the daily Grind, then re-programme your Mind



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